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The launch of the Alabama Industrial Hemp Research and Pilot Program in 2019, which began the initial year that hemp could be grown legally in Alabama. This spiked and amazing opportunity for our rural community to have a second chance of becoming financially empowered. As we move toward the end of our first growing season and toward the 2020 season, the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) has open the program to extend statewide in hopes of attracting rural farmers. 

We are excited to announce that The Promise Land Project (TPLP) is now a LLC. TPLP, now an independent business that was once a program to spike the hands-on applications of business and economics for the Tailor Made Leadership Academy, Inc has made its home in Tyler Alabama. We plan to begin our new farming efforts in a two site 1(one) acre per site project of planting, farming, harvesting and processing Industrial HEMP agri-crops.

Alabama’s Black belt region is known for its rich fertile black soil, needed for a variety of farming.  Alabama was once one of the leading states in farming.  The need for small farmers to educate the community is on the rise.  From the 1980’s back, farming was a generational trade.  Parent’s taught their son’s and daughters the farming way of life.   Since the 90’s small, local farming has become almost extinct.  We at Tailor Made Leadership Academy think that we need to revisit this “way of life”. 

We have designed a project that caters to the overall farming community. Our initial goal is plant a successful crop and harvest for immediate distribution and retail sales to establish a living example that will build a lasting brand for our community. 

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